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Date: May 11, 2009 - Jumadal Awwal 16 1430,       Volume: 12       Issue: 1

Support Cic In 2009 - Your Cic & Your Voice In Canada

Dear Friends of CIC and Friday Magazine Readers -- As Salamu ‘Alaikum (Peace be with you);

The Canadian Islamic Congress is deeply grateful for the past and present support of its Friday Magazine readership.

May God reward you and give blessings to all the families in our worldwide readership community.

As you may know from reading the weekly Friday Magazine and our various releases and communiqués, under new leadership CIC is moving steadily forward on many key files that affect all of us - among them, Islamic History Month Canada, Civil Liberties, Human Rights and Human Rights Commissions, Gaza (Palestine), and Afghanistan.

With so much at stake, and so much to gain by working together, we hope that our new president Sr. Wahida Valiante and her CIC team can count on your full support in their efforts.

CIC is committed to working with you, for YOU and for OUR future generations of Muslim Canadians.

To do that, we need to ask for YOUR help so that CIC can continue this great and challenging work.

We promise that your generous donations will be greatly appreciated and appropriately utilized.

Your contributions will give us the moral support and assurance that what we do is valued, especially by those of you who have already shown your commitment by asking to receive the Friday Magazine every week.

And when you respond to the many articles and news items we provide through this publication, we know that our activities have reached a solid grassroots community.

Your advice, suggestions, guidance in this regard are always appreciated and will be considered in preparing short- term and long-term goals for the CIC and for the content of the Friday Magazine.

But to keep the Friday Magazine and our other core programs running, we need financial commitment as well. Are you, or your organization, ready to become full members of "Team CIC"?


Annual membership $ 100 (Or 4post-dated cheques of $25)

Two-Year Membership $ 150

Three-Year Membership` $ 200

Lifetime Membership $ 1,000 (Or 4 post-dated cheques of $250)

Annual Youth Membership $ 50

Annual Student Membership $ 5


You or your organization can also make one-time donations in any number or amount (imagine if every Friday Magazine reader would donate $100), or scheduled donations, in one of three ways:

1. Donate by Credit Card online See:

2. Donate by Monthly Deductions You can fill in and mail back our pre- authorized monthly payments form (these are available from the CIC Ottawa office or at major CIC events) Make sure to read the terms and conditions on page 2 and attach a cheque marked "void" to the mailed form.

3. Donate by Mail Alternatively, you can mail your cheque, Canadian funds bank draft, or postal money order (payable to The Canadian Islamic Congress) to the address below this message.

Thank you very much and Jazakallah!

With respect,

Imam Dr. Zijad Delic National Executive Director Canadian Islamic Congress 613.698.8469 (cell)

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