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Date: March 27, 2008 - Rabi-al-Awwal 19, 1429,       Volume: 11       Issue: 27

Islamic Congress Supports NDP In Opposition To Harper Government’s Proposed Bill C-50 Immigration Changes

The Harper government is planning a number of regressive changes to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and is doing so "through the back door" via Bill C-50, the Budget Implementation Act.

The proposed amendments will give the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration sweeping new powers to control the number and category of immigration applications accepted, including the power to eliminate humanitarian and family reunification applications, while increasing the number of short-term low-wage laborers accepted, or allowing major investment interests to "jump the queue."

NDP critics of the Conservative amendments have raised concerns that legitimate applicants caught in Canada’s immigration backlog will not be processed fairly and could be eliminated entirely in favor of economic interests.

The CIC is supporting the NDP’s initiative to stop the planned amendments and joins the call for Liberal and Bloc members to also challenge the Harper government’s move.

Additionally, Canadians are being urged to write to Immigration Minister Diane Finley, to Prime Minister Stephen Harper to their MP and to Liberal and BQ MPs to join the NDPs saying "NO" to the proposed amendments: od=Current&Language=E

More information is available from the website of NDP Citizenship and Immigration critic, Olivia Chow:

Chow announced that when Parliament resumes at the end of March, she will introduce a motion to delete the entire offensive Immigration and Refugee Protection Act amendment that was hidden deep inside the Conservative’s budget implementation act, Bill C-50.