Advanced Way to Operate Fish Finder

Advanced Way to Operate Fish Finder

A fish finder is an important tool for fishing. It enables you to locate and catch fish without necessarily spending time on the look-out. Therefore, a fish finder alters the fishing experience with a new fish catching rate. What are the Advanced Ways to Operate a Fish Finder?

Buying a fish finder is not enough guarantee that you are going to change your fishing experience. The tool requires proper installation as well as conversance with the advanced ways to use the fish finder. Below are some advanced ways to use and operate a fish finder.

1) Read the Manual Carefully

Advanced Way to Operate Fish FinderAfter buying and prior to installing your fish finder, take time to read the manual carefully. Different types of fish finders are installed and operated differently and in different parts of the boat. This introduces you to the equipment that you have just bought. It instructs you on how and where to install the fish finder and on basic ways of using it. After reading manual, proceed to install your device.

2) Turning on the Sensitivity

When you access the turbid water with the likelihood of growth of algae and plank-tonic, you may turn on the sensitivity. This will help you to realize the location of the fish in plenty. The surface clutter fitted on the fish finder detects the exact location of the fish from the boat.

3) Consider the Familiarizing with the Fish Finder GPS

When looking for a suitable fish finder your should keep in mind that a good fish finder might come with a rich list of features and some are enhanced with Marine GPS. Therefore, they contain information about the location and the underwater characteristics. This allows you to see the locations and other factors that may predict the presence of fish in large amounts. At the same time, you may consider familiarizing with the on-boat GPS fitted in the boats. Through the information from the two systems you will be able to fish successfully without delays.

4) Using the Fish ID Setting

This is the representation of the fish arches on the fish finder screen. The fish arches are seen in different colors. However, several usage of the fish finder will enlighten you on how to understand the real fish from arches portrayed. This increases your accuracy in detecting the presence of fish underwater.

5) Understanding the Auto Depth Setting

Advanced Way to Operate Fish FinderThe Auto Depth is a setting enhances to realize when you are navigating locations with different depth in the water body. Normally, different fish types live in different water depth locations. Therefore, this setting allows you to do your fishing on different locations depending on the type of fish that you wish to fish.

6) Understanding the Suppressor Control

The suppressor setting is important for the reduction of ground noise. Reduction of this noise is essential in reducing the noise that may scare away fish in an environment which is normally associated with less noise. However, if your boat has a properly installed transducer, using the suppressor may be unnecessary since the transducer is capable of reducing the noise successfully.


The fish finder is an essential device that increases your view and prediction about fish presence in the water. A fish finder produces a side image or down image sonar which increases the view under the water. As a result, the potential of catching more fish in a short time becomes possible.