What Is The Political Ideology of Justin Trudeau?

Justin Trudeau, the son of a former Canadian Prime Minister, gained widespread media attention and popularity when he delivered a touching and artistic eulogy of his father- during his father’s funeral. Claude Ryan described the speech as a manifestation of a political dynasty.

Trudeau has worked as a teacher and an activist. His win brought new hope to his party which had struggled in elections. And on a light note, his shaggy hair did not prevent him from winning the elections. At quite an early age, Trudeau was a staunch supporter of the liberal. For example, in the 1988 federal election, he campaigned for John Turner.

Political Ideology

Budget Deficits

What Is The Political Ideology of Justin TrudeauTrudeau stated that he would accommodate budget deficits in order to invest in major infrastructural initiatives, which would in turn play a key role in boosting the economy. Other major parties were in favor of balanced budget. His argument was that an effective response to the recession would be a stimulus. Consequently, the gains will outweigh the negative impact of deficits.

Taxation on the Wealthy

Trudeau proposed that he would raise taxes on the wealthy. This would help the state compensate for a tax cut that the middle class will benefit from. Trudeau has long been against the conservatives’ taxation policy and he desired to overturn at least some of its major tenants. He has vowed to execute this policy.

Stand on Refugees

Perhaps, the most humanitarian policy that Trudeau has promised to develop is a welcoming attitude towards the refugees. Canada is a multicultural and pluralistic country. He promised to process of admitting Syrian refugees to Canada and make a $ 100 million on investment in the resettlement. He has continuously shown his discontent about banning the nigab (a veil that is worn by women in order to cover a part of their face).

The Voting System

What Is The Political Ideology of Justin TrudeauIn Canadian politics, the first-past-the-post method of voting does not favor the liberal politicians. Trudeau has stated that he would select an all-party committee which should come up with a more acceptable voting system. On the table of the system is online voting as well as ranked ballots.

Climate Change

At the center of Canadian elections was the issue of climate change. The conservatives were generally cold about international agreements concerning climate change, perhaps due to the economic cost that comes with that.

Trudeau has pledged to support the climate change of efforts, thus taking a distant stand from the conservatives.

Other Positions:

The following are other political positions held by Trudeau:

  • Legalizing marijuana (he says law enforcement on marijuana is expensive. Trudeau has admitted to using marijuana in at least two instances
  • Putting the air bombardment against IS to an end: He proposes more ground troops and an increase in humanitarian aid.
  • Boosting the relationship between the US and Canada. This was strained under Harper.


The liberal party will not have a difficult time in passing its legislation. This is because it holds the majority in parliament. However, changing what the conservatives have laid down in ten years is not an easy task.

What Is American Islamic Congress For?

If there is one single event which changed the world, then that event is September 11 (2001). For example, there was a radical change in the perception on the Muslim Americans in the US. In some cases, some Americans would view them as terrorists. Concerned individuals sought to address this issues. And the American Islamic Congress (AIC) was born. The organization has its headquarters in New York with other offices in Baghdad, Tunis, Basrah, and Boston. It has the approval of the US government and receives significant funding from it.

Overcoming Stereotypes

What Is American Islamic Congress ForThe main role of AIC is to overcome the perception that the Muslims have a strong leaning to terrorism. One of the platforms that AIC uses is the interfaith as well as interethnic platforms. For example, a number of universities in the US have student-led AIC initiatives that aims at fostering integration between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Fight Against Extremism

AIC has admitted that a significant number of muslims have executed or supported terrorist activities citing their commitment to religion. It has stated that the Islamic religion does not allow or encourage terrorism.

Civil and Human Rights

AIC has given attention to the issue of civil and human rights. It has focused its work on the countries in Africa and the Middle East. For example, Project Nur has trained upcoming leaders who will later take on the mantel of addressing civil and human rights cases.

Empowering Vulnerable Groups

AIC has made several initiatives in order to create political awareness among vulnerable groups. It has encouraged such groups to be more pro-active in taking part in the political processes of their respective countries. At the core of this initiatives is capacity building among the young people as well as women. One of such initiatives is the Citizenship Academy Project which is based in Tunisia.

A Voice for Muslim Americans

What Is American Islamic Congress ForAIC has aimed at giving a voice to the Muslim Americans in order to help them achieve their national and international goals and objectives. For example, the organization has raised awareness to the American administration on various pertinent issues that affect the Muslim community.

Promoting Multiculturalism

AIC has sponsored a number of multi-cultural initiatives. These include the following:

  • The Dream Differed contest: This is an essay contest that has been inspired by Hughes literature. The main aim of the contest is to look into perspective the issues surrounding the dreams that Muslim Americans have in the US, and how the failure to achieve them affects them.
  • Eye to Heart is a film competition which encourages the people to embrace positive values as well as achieve social change. The contest takes place in the Middle East.
  • The Online Activism Institute is based in the Middle East. It provides free courses on positive leadership, social entrepreneurship, and activism.


AIC has pledged to defend the rights of Muslim Americans and empower them. Overall, the main goal of AIC is the provision of an alternative voice to the Muslims that is based on civic identity which is grounded in the concept of progressive thought and a pluralistic life.