Ten Luxury Hotels In Toronto

Toronto is one of the leading tourist attractions in Canada. According to the Ontario ministry of tourism, Toronto brought in a revenue of around $ 7.2 Billion in the year 2015. A large percentage of the income was from the hotel industry. This is because Toronto has some of the most luxurious hotels not only in Canada but also globally.

1. One King West Hotel and Residence

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThis luxury hotel is built in the grand beaux-arts ,architectural style which makes it have a classical appearance. It also has a 5 minutes walk from the Hockey hall of fame and the high-profile shopping mall known as Toronto Easton. The hotel boast of elegant studios, fully furnished one-bedroom suites and upgraded suites with a Jacuzzi.

2. Four Seasons Hotel

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThis is a five star hotel which is just a few minutes walk from the Royal Ontario Museum. It compromises of a chic restaurant, a cocktail bar, a spa, an indoor swimming pool, a whirlpool tub, fitness center and a business center. Its rooms have a sophisticated look and have a high-speed reliable Wi-Fi.

3. Trump International Hotel and Tower

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThis high-rise hotel is approximately 8 minutes from the Hockey Hall of Fame. Some of its high-end facilities include 3-floors of events facilities, an elegant restaurant, and a bar. The other amenities include a spa, a well-equipped fitness center, and a heated indoor pool. Its rooms are attended by 24-hour service and have a free Wi-Fi connection.

4. Park Hyatt Toronto

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThis particular 5-Star hotel is a 5-minute walk from the Royal Ontario Museum. A striking and unique fact is that it as a nice view of the city from the rooms. It boasts of various luxuries. For example, each room has a separate living area a sleeping area. In addition to this,it has services such as bike renting and car services. There is a rooftop lounge,a spa, and a fitness area.

5. Shangri – La Hotel

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThis is unique in its own way due to the fact that it is Asian themed. It is a 2-minute walk from the Osgood subway station.Its rooms are either one or two bedrooms each having marble bathrooms. The rooms are well equipped and have a balcony and a dining room which makes you feel like home away from home.

6. SOHO Metropolitan Hotel

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThe hotel is a 10-minute walk from St.Andrew Station .A very striking and unique provision is the 3-storey penthouse suite which has a private glass elevator. It also has a Chinese Restaurant and Bar. It also offers a free morning shuttle service .The bathrooms, which are marble have heated floors and bathtubs too.

7. Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThe hotel is just 11 minutes walk from the Royal Ontario Museum. The hotel has elegant rooms ranging from classic studios, bi-level and one-bedroom suites. It has other amenities such a spa,a fitness center, 12-confrence rooms and a bar and restaurant

8. Delta Hotels

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThis four star hotel overlooks the Ontario lake giving the rooms a wonderfully relaxing view. The sleek rooms come with a TV-screen, iPod docks, coffeemakers and other facilities to make the occupant comfortable. It features amenities such as indoor pool, a fitness center bar amongst others.

9. The Hazelton Hotel

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThis five star hotel offers lovers of art with an art collection center. Other amenities include a sophisticated Italian and French restaurant, a bar , a fitness center among other. The Hotel features posh rooms with equipment such a coffeemaker . It is just a short distance from the Bay station subway.

10. Thimpson Toronto Hotel

Ten Luxury Hotels In TorontoThis modern hotel is a few minutes drive from the Billy Bishop Airport. The view from its classy floor to ceiling windows is breathtaking. Its rooms have the sight to the Ontario lake and the skyline. Some of the amenities include ample parking, a ballroom, a pool and a screening room.


These top hotels in Toronto offer the visitors with high-end services.These hotels have been rated high in the industry for their improved services and their top-of-the-class amenities.

Visiting Central Reykjavik & Around

Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland. This city is largely known for its rich tourist sources. At the same time, Reykjavik is known for famous hotels and restaurants. It is located at a latitude of 64 08′ N. thus, it is one of the northern capital cities which are most visited by people throughout the year.

The city developed from Ingolfur Arnarson initial settlements which were established in 870BC and from trade activities especially in the central part of it. Today, the city has a wide variety of tourist places which are attractive to many people. What are some of the Places to Visit in Central Reykjavik & around?

1) Reykjavik Art Museum – Hafnarhus/Harbor house

Visiting Central Reykjavik & AroundThe museum was founded back in 1973. Arguably, it is the largest visual art in the whole of Iceland. It has old harbor and houses collections that were adapted from the permanent settlements which were established in the city. Also, the museum has the collection of the famous works of Erro who was famous across Europe. The museum comprises of 3 different building namely: smundarsafn, Hafnarhús, and Kjarvalsstair.

2) Reykjavík 871±2

Visiting Central Reykjavik & AroundThese are the remains of the early settlements which were established by the Vikings in the 10th Century. In the location where the settlements were established, an interactive museum was erected in order to allow the showcasing of these settlements. This place is also used for photos and movie shooting.

3) Alingishúsi

Visiting Central Reykjavik & AroundFor more than 10 centuries, this structure has remained firm at the Austurvöllur which is centrally located in the central part of Reykjavik city. This famous structure depicts the early successes in architecture as well as the early settlements construction. Also, the building has a national library and an Antiquaries Collection with rich art galleries.

4) National Museum of Iceland

Visiting Central Reykjavik & AroundThe museum was established in 1863. It is a rich source of the history of Iceland which dates up to 8780 BC. It has vast information about the culture of Iceland and about the era of the Vikings settlement in the 10th Century. The National Museum of Iceland, Reykjavik has over 2,500 artifacts which were adapted from different parts of the country to showcase the history and the culture of the nation.

5) Tjörnin

Visiting Central Reykjavik & AroundThis is a famous small lake which is located next to Reykjavik City of Iceland. It is located next to the Reykjavik City Hall and the National Gallery of Iceland. The shore of this lake stretches all the way to the city center. Therefore, most of the city visitors enjoy walking across the shore and watching the lake from the city center.

6) Hallgrímskirkja

Visiting Central Reykjavik & AroundThis is a famous Lutheran parish church located in the Reykjavik City of Iceland. The church has a 244ft tower which is one of the world largest church towers. The church was constructed in 1986 with inspiration from the traditions of Iceland as well as modern cathedral designs. Its location provides a great and a clear view of the city.


Reykjavik is the cultural, religious, business, entertainment, and education center of Iceland. It has a couple of museum, early settlements, churches, and natural sites that attracts visitors and business people from all over the world. This makes it to one of the most visited cities in Iceland.