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Facts about the CIC

CIC is Canada's largest national non-profit and wholly independent Islamic organization. It is an exclusively Canadian non-governmental organization (NGO) with no affiliation to any group, body, ideology or government, absolutely none. CIC is the independent voice of Canada's Muslims -- Sunni and Shi'a, men and women, youth and seniors.

CIC recently pioneered an unprecedented scholarship program for Canadian Muslim university students who are studying journalism, law, social sciences, or political sciences -- all professional areas where representation is most needed by our community.
To date CIC has awarded more than $30,000. See:

To achieve "smart integration" CIC recently pioneered the first intensive short couse on Canadan history, law, media, political system, professional family counselling and Islamic law. For more information on this successful venture, visit:

To acheive smart integration, CIC pioneered the research project "Toward Informed, Committed, Multi-Issue Voting" just prior to the 2005 federal election. See:

CIC recognizes Canadians for their work on noble causes at special Ottawa Gala Dinner. We present annual major awards for peace, journalism excellence, community service, etc. See:

CIC publicly honours Canadian Muslims' professional and volunteer contributions to this country; to date CIC has honoured Canadian Muslims in the professional fields of academia, medicine, engineering and law. And for 2005 the spotlight will be on Canadian Muslim contributions to the world of business. See:

CIC has been conducting an ongoing media research project for the past 8 years, culminating in our annual "Anti-Islam in the Media" report. In 2003 this crucial project won an Honour Award from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation for its ongoing impact in vital area of media advocacy work. "Anti-Islam in the Media" has been highly praised by professors of media and journalism at Canada's top universities. See:

To date CIC has published hundreds of op-ed articles, with most reaching a readership of more than one million. The majority of these have been published by leading newspapers in Canada and abroad, including the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the Ottawa Citizen, the Montreal Gazette, the National Post, the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, the Winnipeg Free Press, the London Free Press, the Windsor Star, the Independent, Al-Ahram, Arab News, the Egyptian Gazette and many community newspapers in Canada. See:

For the past eight years, CIC has published a free weekly online magazine, The Friday Bulletin, which reaches more than 300,000 subscribers worldwide. See:

FACT 10:
We also publish research and position papers on major current issues, including: Canada and the Muslim world; Canada, Islam and Social Justice; Canada's Foreign Policy, etc. See:

FACT 11:
CIC has voiced the concerns of Canadian Muslims on both national and international issues. See:

FACT 12:
CIC has been called on as an expert witness on the Maher Arar case, and at hearings of both the House and the Senate committees on Bill C-38, Bill C-36, and other proposed legislations affecting Canadian Muslims. See:

FACT 13:
CIC is working with other faith groups on Canadian social justice issues, such as child poverty and homelessness. This attests to our mandate to network with the community at large and to build bridges of understanding with other communities. See:

FACT 14:
Your investment in CIC is an excellent investment in the future of Islam and Muslims in Canada.