Massage Chairs Are Better Than the Manual Body Massage

Massage Chairs Are Better Than the Manual Body Massage

According to the health experts, having a massage is an effective way to deal with stress and cope with various health issues. Therefore, improved technology is continuously looking for ways to improve than traditional hand massage. This is on a quest to deliver more effective massage effects. This has led to the coming up and improvement of the massage chairs. The latest massage chairs are installed with computer intelligence that makes the whole massage experience better and more enjoyable than the manual hand massage.

• Acupuncture technique

Massage Chairs Are Better Than the Manual Body Massage

The most advanced massage chairs have foot rollers utilize the reflexology technique. They accurately identify the acupoints on the sole of the feet. This is a new technique in which very few massage therapists know or even utilize. This means that when one uses a massage chair, they do not only enjoy the benefits of the massage but also the benefits of reflexology.

• Full Body massage simultaneously

The massage chairs are installed with an automated program in which one can enjoy an all body massage simultaneously. However, with a manual body massage, one can only have one stage to the next massage. At no point can one enjoy an intense massage whereby all the body parts are being massaged.

• Chromotherapy

Some massage chairs have blue LED lighting that illuminates the massage room with a cool relaxing atmosphere. This means that the massage chair also utilizes the visual sensation to induce and facilitate relaxation. Most table massage rooms just have the normal lighting. They only use the tactile sense to induce relaxation.

• Heat Therapy

Most massage chairs utilize the heat therapy for the lower back massage. This helps to induce relaxation and increased blood blow. Heat therapy is a technique not always utilized by massage therapists. This makes the massage chair more effective than the traditional massage.

• Audio Stimulation

Massage Chairs Are Better Than the Manual Body Massage

Some massage chairs are installed with an MP 3 system. This can be used by the client to listen to some cool soothing tracks. This helps to use the audio sensation to induce relaxation and stress relief. This is not the case in the normal table massage.

• Uncomfortable with touch

A number of people are uncomfortable with being touched by another person. This can be uncomfortable mostly because one is required to shed most of their clothes. Therefore, for such people, a massage chair in the comfort of their home would be the ideal situation. Even if one is going for a chair massage at one’s local massage parlor, one can get the massage with the clothes on .

• Schedule

With a professional masseuse, you need to make an appointment. This can be inconvenient with you work schedule. However, when you have a massage chair in your home gym, you can get the massage at the time you are free without having to re-arrange your schedule.


The most advanced massage chairs are very effective in massage. If one does the calculation of how much one spends on massage per month and yearly, one will realize that it exceeds buying a massage chair.