What Is Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC)?

What Is Canadian Islamic Congress

CIC was formed in the year 2001 as the Muslim Canadian Congress. It was later changed into Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC). The organization represents the interests of the Canadian Muslims in the country. Muslims are a minority group in Canada. The region is overly dominated with Christianity as the main religion.

Therefore, the Canadian Islamic Congress serves the purpose of protecting the rights and the interests of the Muslims in the region. The following are some facts about the organization which are not known by many people:

1) The Organization has a Scholarship Program

What Is Canadian Islamic CongressCIC is highly involved in sponsoring Canadian Muslim university students. Mainly, the organization supports students who are taking courses such as law, journalism, and also political and social sciences. Over $30,000 scholarship program fees have been spent by the organization to sponsor different students since the program was commenced.

2) CIC is one of the largest Canadian Nonprofit Organization

CIC stands as an independent Islamic organization which advocates for the rights and interests of the Muslim citizens in Canada. It is a non-governmental organization (NGO) which earns its income and resources through different projects which mainly involves different communities in Canada.

3) CIC Is Involved In Researches about Different Factors affecting Muslims

For instance, CIC has been conducting a research on “Anti-Islam in the Media” for a period of over 13 years. This research was started in the year 2003. Also, the organization has been involved in researching on the factors shaping the inclusion (or lack of it) of Canadian Muslims in national political affairs.

The organization realized the reduced interest among the students joining universities in taking journalist, law, and political courses. As a result, the organization embraced a program to sponsor students in a bid to enhance them to break trend.

4) CIC highly Upholds the Contributions of Muslims in Canada

What Is Canadian Islamic CongressAs a minority group, Muslims are not really appreciated for their efforts in Canada. Therefore, this translates into reduced interest in developing their careers especially among the youthful generations. Thus, the CIC acts in appreciating the Muslims contributions in the fields of medicine, academics, environment, law, journalism, politics, and engineering. Normally, the organization does this through giving awards and honoring different Muslim individuals involved in different projects as well as showcasing the contributions in the mass and social media.

5) CIC owns the online Magazine, The Friday Bulletin

The magazine is known to reach over 500,000 subscribers across the world. CIC is the main publisher of the magazine. The organization publishes the magazine on weakly basis. Also, the organization is involved in publishing different articles and papers such as: Canada and the Muslim World, Islam, and Social Justice.

6) CIC acts as the Voice of Canadian Muslims

Muslims are a minority group in Canada. Therefore, they might be disadvantaged in voting as well as in other sectors and matters of the public. CIC holds the role of the spokesman in consulting the federal government and other departments to address different concerns affecting the Muslims community in Canada.


Through CIC, many Muslim individuals in Canada have been able to integrate in the society without any fear of discrimination on the grounds of religion. The organization has acted as the main advocator of Islamic rights in the country. Also, the organization has helped over 3,000 students to pursue different courses in Canadian universities.